Is there a cost to join the band?

No, there is no cost.  The Band is volunteer-based and we don't ask our members to pay.  Your time committment is all that's expected.

Do I need my own instrument?

It is better if you own your own, but if you don't have one, we can discuss it.

Some of your music seems difficult, what grade level can I expect to play?

The Band does not conform to “grade levels”, we play a variety of different types of music at different levels of difficulty.  What we play is often simply based on what people enjoy rather than how difficult it may be. However, sometimes we do like to challenge ourselves. Music is learned throughout life and we continue to develop our abilities over time, we abide by that.

What is the CLB?

The CLB is the Church Lad's Brigade.  It is an organization, primarily for youth, that has a military structure and based within the Anglican Church.  The CLB was founded in Britain in 1891 as an organization for boys and has existed in Newfoundland since 1892.  For quite some time, female members have been a big part of the organization and it has become more ecumenical, but still within the Anglican Church.  For more info, please see the: theclb.ca

So, “Church” Lad's Brigade, do I need to attend church?

While the CLB is a church based organization, the band does not perform in church every Sunday. We perform at select services throughout the year, most are in support of the CLB while others are civic in nature. Does that mean, I have to be Christian or Anglican to join the band? No, we currently have members of varied belief's. The band's primary goal is to make music and enjoy playing it.  We do, however, ask that you make an effort to attend all functions including church services.

I'm a ex-cadet and I see you guys parading in uniform with ranks, what does this mean?

The CLB is an organization that has a military-like structure.

I've never been in cadets, or a marching band, does that mean I can't join?

Absolutely not, over time the band will teach you what you need to know.

My son/daughter is interested in the band, but I've only seen adult members, can they still join the band?

Your son or daughter is more than welcome to come and play with us, our age limit is 16 years of age.  If they are younger than that, we welcome them to come and try, if they like it, they are welcome to return after their 16th birthday.

What sort of gig's do you play?

We play at a number of different civic functions, church services, dinners, parades, and many more. We love to make music, if we a request comes to the band, it is always considered.

Can I request the band to play? 
Requests are to be submitted, in writing, no later than six weeks prior to the proposed performances to regimentalband@theclb.ca. The Band is committed to a number of annual events; so the sooner and application is made, we can assess the bands schedule.

How often does the band meet and perform throughout the year?

In recent years the band has met approximately 110 times, of which, 25% of these have been performances.

Does the band charge for events?

The band does not charge for events. However, we are more then happy to accept a donation in support of the band.  This money goes towards new music, uniforms, and instrument repairs.