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The Countermarch

The Countermarch is the newsletter of the Regimental Band. Each issue includes articles that tell of historical events, cover the band activities and profiles of individual members of the band. Please read along and get to know us! For the best viewing please download the issue by right clicking and selecting "save as".

Issue 1S/Sgt. David Mercer writes about the significance of the Tour of Honour; Sgt. Andrew Stokes relates his perspective about life around the band.
Issue 2Questions answered about the Tour of Honour; S/Sgt. David Mercer profiles Leonard T. Stick, the first to volunteer with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
Issue 3Sgt. Steven Rowe, writes about a recent concert; Cpl. Michelle Eason describes the bands influence on her life.
Issue 4Updates to the Tour of Honour Commitee; the significance of Memorial Day to Newfoundlanders. 
Issue 5More Questions answered, including a look to the past to describe the future; L/Cpl. Donald Lewis, shares how the band has changed him.
Issue 6More committee updates; a review of the summer past.
Issue 7A look at the band's quite busy Fall season.